Diometer Flexifarm

An Open Digital Ecosystem For Farms

Increasing Productivity

Moving to net-zero

Measuring biodiversity

Unlocking new value from integrated data

Farming Today

Subsidies - 42% of farms are economically dependent on subsidies for survival, but those subsidies will disappear by 2027

Input costs - Dramatic rises of over 300% threaten profitability

Meeting Net-Zero - Targeted for 2040 (NFU) or 2030 (supermarkets), but where do farmers start?

Enhancing Biodiversity - Critical for the future of the planet but how do farmers measure it?

Climate Change - Unprecedented climate volatility is directly impacting yields

Pressures on farms today mean they need to measure more, manage more, and adapt more, simply to stay in business.

Data Swamping on Farms

Adoption of digital technology is generating huge volumes of data but farms lack the tools and systems to utilise it fully. This lack of interoperability and the related "Technology Islands" drives inefficiency, reduces ROI, and blocks productivity improvements.

Emerging technology including AI and automation (robots) compounds these issues.

The Diometer Solution

We are creating a new farm-focused Open standard in digital farming, an Open Digital Farm (ODF) ecosystem for arable and horticultural farms driven by end-to-end operational workflows, an intelligent cloud-based integration platform.

The ODF ecosystem with Flexifarm™ at its core integrates at the data level with current and future software, machinery, robots, sensors, and data providers, delivering a Win-Win for all.


The Open Digital Farm (ODF)

Diometer are founder members of the Open Digital Farm initiative which is aiming to create a new digital standard for farms.

Some of the partners we are working with:

"Diometer has provided an opportunity to test ideas for addressing current operational and technical issues on the estate whilst also helping us address some of the big challenges most farmers are facing" (Andrew Blenkiron, Euston Estates Director)

We are Recruiting

We are looking for ambitious people to join our team. Are you excited by the opportunity to change farming at a time of climate crisis?

We are looking for:

  • Principle Engineer / CTO
  • Systems Engineers (different levels of expertise / skills)
  • UX / UI Graphics Designer
  • IoT / Sensors Engineer
  • Exploitation / Engagement Manager

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